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Feeling overwhelmed by the number of infestations in your home or business? If you’re looking for the experts in Aurora pest control services that can eliminate these pests and keep them away for a long time, then look no further.

Our partnered home Aurora exterminator, can help you get some peace of mind. Our experts have the experience and expertise necessary to get rid of these tiny irritants fast, offering quick service so you can return to a safe, pest-free environment as fast as possible. We use cutting-edge technology that keeps your home’s tormentors at bay not just for the moment, but for the foreseeable future.

If you want to learn about our effective and standard Aurora pest control & surrounding areas, call Pest Control Experts of Aurora today!

M-F: 6am to 7pm
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The Best Exterminator Aurora IL

pest control Aurora IL

Our exterminators have been serving Aurora IL residents for a long time; they can attest to our quick and professional service. Aurora is recognized as one of Illinois’s fastest-developing cities. The city, with all its perks, can have one major drawback: pest infestations.

It offers ideal conditions for pests to thrive. The city’s spring and summer seasons often come with extra moisture, meaning chances are high there’ll be increasing pest activity. You’ll often notice carpenter bees coming from their hideouts to bore through any of your wooden objects, or raccoons rushing out to get a quick bite.

In the winter periods, you’re likely to be less plagued by these pests. This is because most of them go into hibernation. Others, though, look for warmth and may end up setting camp in your home; a bad time to get infestations, as you’re also more likely to be indoors more. That’s why hiring the best Aurora termite and pest control, IL should be a priority. 

Aurora Illinois Pest Control COVID Safety Measures

We understand the challenge most people are going through during this pandemic. You’re most probably focused on protecting yourself and your family during these hard times. We, on the other hand, are focused on offering standard home pest control Aurora Illinois solutions as safely as possible. Committed to risk-free Aurora IL pest control practices, we aim to keep your home and business pest-free without risking you or your family’s health.

Here are some of the measures we’ve implemented to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our operations:

Sanitizing Wipes

Our technicians use wipes to clean every piece of equipment they come into contact with, from phones, steering wheels, to pest-control tools.

Contactless Payment

You don’t have to pay for our Aurora pest control services using physical cash. We offer alternative forms of payment that are contactless for clients who are more comfortable paying over the phone or online.

Confirmation Prior To Visit

Before we start working on your home, we first have to confirm whether any member of your household or any recent visitor has shown signs of COVID-19. We may decide to offer some external treatment or in rare cases, we may decide to postpone our appointment until later.

Disposable Gloves & Masks

To prevent spread through touching commonly used objects, our team ensures they carry disposable gloves to every job. If they touch things like door rails with their bare hands, we advise them to clean their hands with sanitizing wipes immediately. Each member will also be wearing a face mask.

Just Waves, No Handshakes

Although we’re very friendly, we are refraining from handshakes with clients. We’ll wave hi for now!

Healthy Employees

We encourage our team members to inform us whenever they’re feeling unwell, and to monitor their health closely. If they’re showing any signs of being ill, they are asked to stay at home.

Following these measures allows us to offer excellent home pest control Aurora Illinois solutions to our clients without risking their health and wellbeing.

pest control Aurora IL
pest control Aurora IL
pest control Aurora IL

Types of Pests We Eliminate:

Bats, Bed Bugs, Pest Birds, Spotted Lanternflies, Bees, Ants, Spiders, Moles, Mice, Beetles, Rats, Raccoons, Cockroaches, Squirrels, Termites, Mice, Mosquitos, Flies & Any Other Pest That’s Bothering You!

Bats Exterminators Aurora IL

When threatened or handled wrongly, bats can bite you. A bat’s bite can sometimes be harmful, as it can infect you with rabies. That’s why it’s important to seek medical attention immediately you suspect you’re the victim of the mammal’s bite.

On top of causing rabies, a bat can also help spread histoplasmosis, a dangerous lung disease, through its droppings. When droppings accumulate, enlist the services of a professional to have them removed. Its droppings can further ruin your home.

A bat can generate over 20 droppings in a single day. Considering you’re more likely to have a colony of these mammals rather than just a single one, these droppings may pile up and damage your roof, causing it to cave in.

Controlling a bat infestation is often very difficult. You should, instead, enlist the best pest control North Aurora IL services.

Spotted Lanternflies Exterminators Aurora IL

Spotted lanternflies consume the sap of several plants such as maples, Chinese sumac, and black walnut. They come in hundreds and can cause so much damage to property and crops.

Bees & Wasp Exterminators Aurora IL

Bees are often welcome in many gardener’s homes. But to the average homeowner, these bees can be cause for concern. Firstly, they may be very terrifying to people with bee allergies. Secondly, they may gather around unattended food wastes and sugary drinks. Thirdly, they sometimes build permanent homes on your property, making your building look chaotic.

If you have some cracks in your home’s exterior, bees may make their way into your attic. We can identify these holes and help you get rid of them, so you can eliminate bees from your home permanently. 

Spiders Exterminators Aurora IL

Despite offering several benefits to the environment, spiders can come across as threats to a lot of people. The fear of spiders, Arachnophobia, affects many people. At the sight of a spider, people with the fear can be very uneasy, sweating heavily. Some people can even suffer panic attacks if they’re in the presence of the animal.

We have special home pest control Aurora IL tools that can help us identify spider species, separating harmful ones from the innocuous ones.

Bed Bugs Pest Exterminators Aurora IL

Contrarily to other insects that consume human blood, bed bugs don’t transmit diseases, as scientists claim. These bed irritants, however, cause some itchy welts on their victims. These welts can often appear to be the result of allergic reactions or contact with poison ivy. On top of that, these pets can often be very distressing, causing you to live in constant fear of shame.

Choosing our bed bugs exterminator services means you won’t have to be shamed by the little irritants in your furniture anymore. You don’t have to wake up to red itches any longer. We’ll use some state-of-the-art equipment to get rid of your bugs.

Give us a call today to learn more about our bed bugs exterminator solutions.

Pest Birds Exterminators Aurora IL

A few birds flying around your property may, at first, seem harmless, but the damage they can inflict on your health can be huge. Birds such as pigeons are well-known disease carriers. They can cause either encephalitis or salmonella. If you inhale the bird’s waste you can get illnesses such as histoplasmosis or cryptococcosis.

A large herd of birds can also damage your business or household, in addition to your health. Their nests may block your ventilation, and their droppings can ruin your property’s finished surface. If left unchecked, this huge population of flying pests can contaminate your livestock’s food or ruin your crops.

Ant Exterminators Aurora IL

You’ll find ants everywhere in the USA, and other parts of the world. Despite having a harmless appearance, ants can cost you heavily. They bring illnesses and can threaten the health of your family. They destroy property and ruin food, meaning they can also be extra financial burdens. Getting an ant exterminator treatment is important if you’re looking to eliminate these tiny nuisances.

There are so many ant species in the world — they’re not equal. Knowing your particular infestation’s species is the first step to stamping them out. A professional home Aurora IL pest control understands the biology of various ant species and knows their differences, so they’re better suited to coming up with ant-killing strategies that work.

pest control Aurora IL
pest control Aurora IL

Moles Exterminator

Moles pose a threat to homeowners’ lawns. They delve into underground tunnels, leaving a mess in flowerbeds and lawns. Their intense digging can bring harm to young plant’s roots and removes stones that can ruin lawn tools. Although they naturally live in wooden regions, they can make permanent camps in yards and fields. Mole problems can be difficult to curtail once the pests come to your home. They can have almost seven pups, and as these pups mature, they create their own tunnel networks, digging at speeds higher than 14 feet every hour.  There’s little you can do to prevent moles from residing in your home. All you can do is eliminate the problem after it arises.

Mice Exterminator

Trying to locate mice in your home can overwhelm you. They multiply quickly and hide in places that you can’t access easily. Wiping out these mice can help you avoid various problems such as property damage, food contamination, and the spread of illnesses. Their gnawing destroys pipes, floorboards, and doors. Their urine can help transmit illnesses like Hantavirus and Salmonellosis. And their chewing poses the threats of fire, as they’re easily attracted to electrical wires. Our pest control Aurora IL technicians can identify these mice’ entry points and help you close them. We can track their nests and dispose of them. On top of casting mice out, we’ll ensure they’re not returning any time soon to your property.

Beetles Exterminator

Beetles can sometimes find their way into your home in large numbers, even though they mostly live outside. They can become an irritating problem, subject to the condition. Some species last for years, although most of them have a one-year lifespan. Wood destruction, grain infestations, and fabric loss are some of the problems that come with beetle infestations.
pest control Aurora IL
pest control Aurora IL
pest control Aurora IL

Rats Exterminator Aurora IL
Rats can transmit a lot of diseases; their bites bring about rat-bite fever and their urine can lead to leptospirosis, a dangerous illness that harms your liver and kidney. They can also be allergen sources. Their droppings affect people negatively, causing them to sneeze and giving them allergic reactions. Their nests can threaten the structural integrity of many buildings and their eating habits can be very ruinous. Despite having huge impacts on both your health and property, rats can be secretive and you might not notice them when they’re few.

Raccoon Pest Control Aurora IL
Raccoons have a relatively low weight, meaning they can enter your building easily when motivated. They can trample insulation and make nests. Their presence can lead to expensive damage or destructive fire as they’re not afraid to run electrical systems. The diseases they cause can harm both pets and human beings; their bites cause rabies and their urine pose even more serious health risks. Although they’re not known for their aggressiveness, raccoons can defend themselves viciously if you threaten them. They have claws created to make them ruthless fighters, so ensure your pets remain friendly to them or they may end up seriously hurt.

Cockroach Pest Control Aurora IL
On top of being difficult to find, roaches can bring lots of diseases like cholera, leprosy, and typhoid fever to your home. They transmit these illnesses indirectly. You can fall victim to these diseases by touching or consuming food contaminated by the pests. That’s why hiring a professional is crucial, as roaches can have damaging impacts on your health. They can also harm your business’s reputation as they signal uncleanliness and untidiness. They’re generally seen as filthy insects and should be nowhere new in your meal-prepping areas.

Squirrel Exterminator Aurora IL
Chances are high that, as a city resident, you’ve come across squirrels more times than any other wildlife species, excluding pigeons. You’ll find them running around bushes or wooded regions. Generally, they’re not huge irritants as the other pets we’ve mentioned. But by being too close to homes they can make their way into basements and attics. It’s in these areas that they cause the most damage. They’ll wreck your valuables and eat away at any wires. Aside from that, they can be noisy when running around and can bite you if you threaten them. They’re also known for digging up landscapes and dismantling fruit-bearing trees.

Aurora Termite Exterminator
Having termites in your home means your building’s structural integrity may be a danger. They can destroy a building’s structure in a very short amount of time, so it’s important to try and control these pests. They thrive in property with extra moisture, and they can get into your house via neighboring trees or any other structures. We have effective Aurora termite and pest control exterminator natural liquid and bait systems that can trap these termites and get your infestation under control. We can also locate moisture sources and standing water, so we can reduce the probability of you having future termite infestations.

Mosquito Exterminator Aurora IL
Our technicians can help you get control of your backyard, and knock out any pesky mosquitoes. You probably know the risk mosquitoes pose to your health, carrying the threat of malaria. We can help you enjoy your sleeping time and outdoors again by eliminating them. We can reach areas where mosquitoes hide, using mist blowers and other cutting-edge equipment.

Preventive measures for these types of pests

You can’t be entirely free from pest infestations, regardless of whether or not your property is tidy. Pests can come into your building from various places, and you can’t be 100% immune from them. But by taking some important steps, you can make sure your home is not the most ideal place for these pests. Implementing the measures mentioned below can also be beneficial if you can’t afford some expensive pests-treatment programs. These measures include:

  • Keep your garbage in a sealed place and make sure you get rid of it regularly. 
  • Replace rotted shingles to keep away insects that are attracted to deteriorated wood. 
  • Repair any impaired mortar in basement foundations.
  • Check for the presence of beetles and worms in foods before you purchase them. 
  • Ensure there’s adequate distance between your bushes and your building, as some pets get easier routes through landscaping close to buildings.
  • Repair leaking pipes and appliances. Standing water can bring moisture that attracts lots of pests. 
  • Make sure crumbs are not building up on your tables or floor by cleaning your house regularly. 
  • Install some screens on your storm doors so that fresh air can get in, eliminating the risk of pests. 
  • Check your pets for any fleas before they enter your home. Fleas spread very quickly once they’re in your home. 
  • Vacuum your home regularly to not only eradicate pests but also kill their eggs. 
  • Prevent mosquitoes from coming to your home by using citronella candles.

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